Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner – Crabs Media

Since 2007, Crabs Media has been continuing its operations with its professional and certified expert team, providing solutions to its clients. Crabs Media offers high-quality digital advertising solutions that clients need to achieve their business goals. With an impeccable and uninterrupted service approach in the digital advertising sector, Crabs Media is progressing towards becoming a global brand that shapes the industry.

Crabs Media has earned its place among agencies holding the Premier Google Partner certification, which is globally recognized and signifies expertise in the field. This premier badge, held by only 5 agencies in Turkey, is awarded by Google to agencies with extensive experience. Thus, being within the Premier Google Partner program, Crabs Media meets additional certification requirements and receives further support from Google.

As a holder of the Premier Google Partner badge, Crabs Media has been managing an average annual Google AdWords advertising budget of approximately 3 million TL since 2016. Additionally, they handle Google AdWords, social media advertising, and applications for nearly 200 businesses. Being among the few agencies in Turkey and being recognized as highly experienced is an honor and joy for Crabs Media.